jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Maracaibo's Christmas Eve.

In Maracaibo christmas eve is characterized for it's very well known Gaita music, people's devotion to church and the Chiquinquira Virgin and to the Child Jesus . The family reunites on December 24th and we have a dinner together at 12:00pm celebrating Christmas.

When it comes to food on Christmas Eve, most of the families and friends prepare our very famous hallacas.

The celebration consists of waiting for the birth of the Baby Jesus at 12:00pm on December 25th, we sit around the table, eat some crackers, chips and other kind of foods.

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

My birthday

Hello! my name is Ever.
My favorite month of the year is November, because I celebrate my birthday with my friends. My favorite day of the week is monday because i feel good and full of energy. My favorite day of the year is my birthday because all my friends is call me and tell me to have a "Happy birthday!!!" and i feel special. In the evening i eat pizza and drink Coca-Cola or Smirnoff. I celebrate my birthday at home or in other place with my friends. My birthday is on November 27th. I was born in 1992, so i am 18 years old and this year I am going to be 19.

My weekdays activities and weekend activities

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011


In this blog I will post my school homework for Level 2. I’ll use it to practice writing, listening, speaking and reading.

My name is Ever Jimenez, but you can call me AndeverForever! :D I’m from Maracaibo, Venezuela, I am 18 years old and I study Comunication at URBE . My favorite subjects are Morfo and English. This trimester I am taking 7 classes and i’m in the 3rd trimester.

I LOVE music, I play guitar, violin and piano!(: surfing the net hahaha I like to eat pizza , chocolate and chinese food!

I hate listening to reggaeton, injustice (CORRUPTION) I can't stand people smoking U-U

My dream.... what is my dream? xD ahh sisi! it's to travel around the world(EUROPE! JAPAN!) visit The Eiffel Tower in Paris(niiice) I want to graduate from Comunication School and be a good comunicator.

About English, uhm... English is very interesting and funny hah.
I think English is very important to learn for a comunicator. I listen to music in english most of the time. It’s a good exercise. I can write(but I need to practice more) The most easy part for me is speaking.

See you later! :D